Only Tenovos provides a solution to connect and optimize the end-to-end enterprise MarTech ecosystem, driving innovation and providing a global view of your IP.

Tenovos Content Fluidity

We call it Content Fluidity.
You might just call it amazing.

The Tenovos Global Marketing Supply Chain™ (GMSC) allows internal teams to visualize, at every level, where content lives, track assets across all channels and markets, and obtain actual costs for asset production and distribution. Powered by web-scale speed and reach, Tenovos-enabled content fluidity helps businesses:

  • Enable effective collaboration throughout the asset creating, media planning, buying and reporting stages
  • Manage localization, placement and reporting of asset performance
  • Comprehensively manage assets and increase re-use
  • Facilitate business needs with powerful and flexible workstreams
  • Automate processes that manage creative assets from ideation to distribution
  • Manage relationships between assets and marketing projects
Tenovos Expert

We move beyond
Digital Asset Management.

Companies spend billions of dollars on marketing, and untold millions on the marketing technologies that create and move content through their operations to target personas and measure audience effectiveness.

Traditional enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems have been central to these end-to-end content marketing capabilities. However, DAM applications have become increasingly use-case specific: Commerce, Packaging, Social, Brand, Product, Collaboration, Creative, Archive and Museum are all categories with their own specialized DAM tool and feature silos.

The Tenovos Global Marketing Supply Chain™ (GMSC) ties all these content systems, workflow, data tools and other innovations together, powering end-to-end visibility, automation and optimization to drive strategic value across the enterprise.

Far more efficient, and flexible, than traditional enterprise DAM systems, our True Cloud-Native platform delivers full elastic computing, end-to-end microservices for rapid iterations and web-scale technology that can automatically scale to any number of users, processes, content or queries. It’s a truly future-proof solution, built to deliver a level of marketing personalization and return on spend that can’t be achieved with traditional DAM and workflow applications.

We optimize speed to market.

Constructed upon open standards with connectivity and performance in mind, Tenovos technology manages and delivers rich, highly personalized content on-target at web-scale, powered by automation and AI/Machine Learning capabilities.

And because Tenovos provides governance of marketing assets from ideation all the way through distribution, we provide significant and strategic efficiencies and valuable insights throughout these processes that otherwise would not be captured. With Tenovos, enterprises can optimize Agency strategies, identify and mitigate costs and risk, and embark on a path where data drives end-to-end optimization.

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Take a look under the hood to see what's driving Tenovos GMSC™ solutions and services.

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Get Deep Content insights based on actual activities, costs and content performance end-to-end.

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