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Timing is Everything – And It’s Time To Shift the Digital Media Supply Chain

Personalized Content

Personalization is a hot topic of discussion among enterprises where demand for rich content and integrated marketing technologies are exposing deficiencies in existing systems and processes in the modern-day digital media supply chain (DMSC). Let’s take a look back for a second.

Digital Media Supply Chain Evolution At-A-Glance

Ten years ago, cloud technology enabled the first DMSC platform-as-a-service to come to market.  At that time, there were significant challenges for SaaS models in the enterprise for this type of cloud technology. However, the larger issue was coping with the explosion of marketing technologies and how to integrate them into the digital end-to-end. These technologies were swamped by the future as quickly as they were developed.

Six years ago, at the start of the enterprise digital transformation movement, the explosion of content spawned a new requirement for digital supply chain tools to power content flows across ever-increasing channels at a pace equivalent to near lightning speed to ensure the best customer experiences.

By 2016 the cloud shift was emphatic, and the market had sorted digital media and digital marketing supply chain solutions each into a separate category, distinct from digital asset management (DAM) and workflows.

This evolution—as disruptive as it is—has left several barriers in its wake limiting enterprise DMSC success:

• Disconnected Martech ecosystems that hinder content visibility, insight and fluidity.
• Mounting digital touchpoints that are driving customer behaviors to be fickler and expectant of brand transparency, quality and responsiveness.
• Ineffective team accountability processes resulting in delays and lost or incomplete projects.
• Conventional, on-premise implementations that lack agility, scalability and efficiency.

As we see it based on our customer conversations, there are two primary needs for enterprises:

1) Affordably move the ROI needle on marketing and ad spend that can’t be achieved with traditional DAM and workflow applications.

2) Seamlessly integrate marketing technologies that have grown to be overcrowded and complex over time. Scott Brinker demonstrates this growth with his 2018 MarTech 5000 which charts 6,829 martech solutions from 6,242 unique marketing technology vendors.

Introducing the Global Marketing Supply Chain

Tenovos was founded with a simple and straightforward mission: Develop a revolutionary digital-end-to-end supply chain platform for marketing that streamlines the creative value chain to deliver true content fluidity and visibility to help enterprises cost-effectively create and distribute personalized content faster and at scale to enhance customer experiences.

As veterans in the industry, we’ve been fortunate to have worked on some of the most complex and successful digital transformation initiatives over the last 20 years spanning DMSC, Enterprise DAM and Experience. Through our collective experience with enterprise clients, one thing became clear—legacy platforms and technologies are too cumbersome to achieve the agility an enterprise requires to survive and adapt to fluctuating digital requirements. Few solutions are built on a modern architecture, and those that are neglect to meet organizational needs—particularly marrying content, workstreams, and analytics in a single platform.

This brings us to the Global Marketing Supply Chain (GMSC). We’ve brought together the brightest minds in the digital supply chain industry to architect a modern, flexible, enterprise SaaS-based unified content platform. A platform that is interoperable with existing tools and leverages AI and machine learning, micro-services, and hypergraph technologies to seamlessly tie content systems, workflows, and data tools together. The result? Global visibility, automation, and optimization across the creative value chain to deliver rich, personalized, compelling content at scale.

This innovative approach is what positions Tenovos GMSC in its own category. We are working with enterprises industry-wide from CPG to Manufacturing who see the value in our approach and are eager to address discreet marketing supply chain challenges they have experienced for far too long. This was apparent at DAM Chicago last month which we captured in a recent blog post.

Enterprise digital transformation is here to stay, and the key is making it sustainable for the long term. Our technology and the market have aligned at the right time, and we are excited to be in the game.

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