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Tenovos provides C-suite stakeholders with a global view into all aspects of their critical market operations, and gives teams the technical capabilities they need to exponentially increase efficiency.


Tenovos helps enterprise enjoy strategic and competitive advantages by driving out costs, reducing redundancy, and enabling automation by applying AI/ML to deliver on the creation and distribution of marketing assets. Our customers see:

  • Up to 30% increase in rich, relevant content delivered on target
  • Brand affinity/consumer engagement gains
  • Top line growth and increased revenues
  • Rising stakeholder engagement across investors, communities and employees
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Marketing + Creative

To meet the ever-growing demands of marketing volume, campaign management and delivering personalized customer experiences, creatives and marketers must transform the work itself. Tenovos connects ideation to content marketing distribution, syndication and analytics by helping internal and external stakeholders maximize efficiency through streamlined processes. Plus, our platform allows teams to visualize production costs, media spend and placement trends—reducing waste in the creation and adaptation processes. Our customers enjoy:

  • Optimized end-to-end marketing processes
  • A 360° view of product content
  • Comprehensive asset management and increased re-use
  • Increased production efficiencies
  • Enhanced automation and collaboration
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Technology + Development

Tenovos leverages modern microservice technologies and embeds best-of-breed solutions to deliver a refined Digital Asset platform that no one can offer today. Our key differentiators:

  • Enterprise SaaS with available multi-tenant and dedicated Stacks
  • True Cloud-Native, web-scale enterprise architecture built on open standards with speed and agility in mind
  • Fully modular platform manages all content, media, workstreams, and analytics
  • End-to-end microservices and serverless-first computing approach
  • Easy integration with hundreds of popular MarTech applications via SDKs and APIs
  • Uses both graph and NoSQL databases
  • AI image & pattern recognition, video analysis, automated tagging
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Visit our GitHub pages to access code released by Tenovos and our partners for plug-ins and custom microservices, which can be used as examples by new developers.

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